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Tokyo office POSH TOKYO Factory & Showroom
POSH is established in 1990 in Tokyo and has developed inthe after-parts market. POSH takes great pride in its start-to-finish production system which makes producing purely "MADE IN JAPAN" parts possible. Its original parts such as marker lamps, mirrors, handle bars, and exhaust pipes are all planned and manufactured in Japan POSH FACTORY & SHOWROOM was opened.
We do not only sell directly our original items to the motorcycle-loving customers, but also custom-makes unique items to suit their needs better.
Company name : POSH Co.,LTD
Established : June, 1990.
Tokyo office Address : 4-2-8 Minamicho Higasikurume Tokyo 203-0031, Japan
TEL / FAX : +81-42-452-9427 / +81-42-452-9428
Business Description : Manufacture Motorcycle special parts to the after market
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C.F.POSH Good Fellows POSH Faith SHIFT-UP
C.F.POSH Good Fellows POSH Faith SHIFT - UP
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